Aquiles delle Vigne una vita per la musica

Ileana Ghione with her husband Christopher Axworthy backstage in their theatre in Rome with Aquiles delle Vigne

Wonderful to see Aquiles delle Vigne again after the concerts and masterclasses that he gave for us in Rome.His visits brought a radiance not only to us all but especially the students whom he helped with his great experience and humanity .A recital prefaced by some thoughts about the meaning of music.’An artist must trasmit ethics that will influence us all as human beings.’ Schnabel said that ‘ the truth is not in the note but behind and beside it.’ Liszt said that’ the score is only half the story that must be completed by the artist.’A final statement :’You are a pianist if you are born with the piano,suffer with the piano and die with the piano.In that case I will consider you a pianist!’

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