Angela Hewitt for the glory of Bach.The pinnacle of pianistic perfection

A wonderful performance in Bach’s own church in Leipzig.With Bach looking on how could it not be absolute perfection.Without doubt the greatest performance I have ever heard.One hour and twenty three minutes with all the repeats save one.

Such a personal performance from someone who has lived with this music for a lifetime.Small inflections,hesitations,rallentandi,rinforzandi from someone who had totally understood the message that Bach reveals in the music.

The massive added octaves in the mighty 29th variation,a knowing smile in the Quodlibet,the sublime beauty of the 25th,the teasingly playful voices in the 27th,the reawakening of the 22nd,the haunting lament of the 21st,the simple charm of the 19th,the majesty of the 16th,the subtle delicacy of the 13th,the transcendental difficulties of the 14h or even more of the 20th or 26th.

The almost religious pause before the reappearance of the aria,played with the knowledge of someone who had traversed a world of feelings and because of that had instilled every note and ornament with such deep meaning.The message of absolute faith for the glory of God.Here before Bach’s resting place there was just Angela and Bach in a magic communion that we were allowed to eavesdrop on.An unforgettably moving experience that luckily was recorded for posterity.

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