St Mary’s Perivale Beethoven Piano Sonata Festival

All 32 piano sonatas played by 32 pianists
to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth in 1770
Saturday and Sunday October 3rd and 4th 2020

This major festival will be streamed LIVE. Watch on the website .
We will pay all the pianists, and we hope you might donate via our website
SESSION 1SATURDAY AFTERNOONClick here for programme notes and pianist biographies
2.0 pmEdward LeungSonata in F minor Op 2 no 1
2.25 pmAndrew YiangouSonata in A major Op 2 no 2
2.55 pmFlorian MitreaSonata in C major Op 2 no 3
3.30 pmSimon WattertonSonata in E flat major Op 7
4.05 pmSimone TavoniSonata in C minor Op 10 no 1
4.30 pmColin StoneSonata in F major Op 10 no 2
4.50 pmMengyang PanSonata in D major Op 10 no 3
5.20 pmCallum McLachlanSonata in C minor Op 13 ‘Pathetique’
5.45 pmPetr LimonovSonata in E major Op 14 no 1
SESSION 2SATURDAY EVENINGClick here for programme notes and pianist biographies
7.00 pmAshley FrippSonata in G major Op 14 no 2
7.25 pmLeslie HowardSonata in B flat major Op 22
7.55 pmMishka Rushdie MomenSonata in A flat major Op 26 ‘Funeral March’
8.20 pmEvelyne BerezovskySonata in E flat Op 27 no 1
8.40 pmAlexander UllmanSonata in C sharp minor Op 27 no 2 ‘Moonlight’
9.05 pmJulian JacobsonSonata in D major Op 28 ‘Pastoral’
9.35 pmOlga PaliySonata in G major Op 31 no 1
SESSION 3SUNDAY AFTERNOONClick here for programme notes and pianist biographies
2.00 pmIyad SughayerSonata in D minor Op 31 no 2 ‘Tempest’
2.30 pmSasha GrynyukSonata in E flat major Op 31 no 3
3.00 pmAndrew BottrillSonata in G minor Op 49 no 1
3.15 pmVeronika ShootSonata in G major Op 49 no 2
3.30 pmLuke JonesSonata in C major Op 53 ‘Waldstein’
4.05 pmBen SchoemanSonata in F major Op 54
4.25 pmMartin CousinSonata in F minor Op 57 ‘Appassionata’
5.00 pmDinara KlintonSonata in F sharp major Op 78
5.20 pmDaniel LebhardtSonata in G major Op 79
5.35 pmIlya KondratievSonata in E flat major Op 81a ‘Les Adieux’
SESSION 4SUNDAY EVENINGClick here for programme notes and pianist biographies
7.00 pmMark VinerSonata in E minor Op 90
7.20 pmYehuda InbarSonata in A major Op 101
7.50 pmJulian TrevelyanSonata in B flat major Op 106 ‘Hammerklavier’
8.40 pmAmit YahavSonata in E major Op 109
9.05 pmKonstantin LapshinSonata in A flat major Op 110
9.30 pmAlim BeisembayevSonata in C minor Op 111

‘Thanks so much Hugh……I will try to write about the magnificent Beethoven event but am wary at leaving anyone out .Public recognition surely must be due …..I keep saying it but fear these things depend on who you know and the Johnsons  or Trumps are not people I would ever frequent.
Many thanks again Hugh …lovely to see your little show with Felicity ….what wonders you are.’

‘Yes I agree with pretty well all of that.   Don’t feel obliged to write about 32 performances in detail – you will go crazy !    We can talk next time we meet.   Absolutely fascinating.’  

I could write a book about Trevelyn’s Hammerklavier that took me by the scruff of the neck and made me miss Schiff on the other chanel!I loved the style of Alex’s Moonlight and our wonderful Evie was in a class of her own,of course .The great professional Alim closing in masterly fashion with op 111 – a very fine musician.I loved Amit’s jewel like precision in op 109 .Iyads op 31 n.2 was superbly professional but this time just lacking that ultimate spark.Dinara was exquisite,a great pianist that the world has yet to discover- it will !Daniel Lebhaft played after Dinara and I can now see why YCAT took him on.Sasha Grynuk always plays well and should be playing at least as much as his brother.Ilya’s Les Adieux I know and it has now matured as has he.Slight lack of concentration towards the end but of no overall importance- it was his birthday after all.Edward Leung was a magnificent start followed by  Andrew very good but last movement trying to be Schubertian and the rhythmic impetus was slightly lost.Florian op 2 n.3 the bits I heard sounded very good indeed.

Leslie Howard,standing in at four days notice for a quarantining Thomas Kelly showed us just why he is a leggendary figure.Ben Shoeman gave an impeccable performance of the notoriously difficult ‘little’ op 54 .It was difficult to follow Luke Jones’ superb Waldstein.Callum McLachlan lived up to his his family’s name with a very fine Pathetique .I only caught the end of Menyang’s op 10.n.3 but it showed all the precision and delicacy that one associates coming like Alim and Mark from the class of Tessa Nicholson .Mark showed us that apart from astonishing the world with his five star Alkan and Thalberg what an intelligent musician he is with a refreshing(Aimard springs to mind) simplicity op 90. Must listen to some more and apologies to too many that I have not mentioned here but it is a marathon task and I am no Hugh Mather!

And a message from Hugh Mather:

The St Mary’s Perivale Beethoven Festival went very well indeed. All 32 pianists turned up on time, and played wonderfully well. The livestream recordings are all available on We had some minor internet problems on Session 3 – yesterday afternoon – Op 31 no 2 to Op 81a – but we are uploading a high-definition version which will be available later. We had many wonderful performances – have a look ! I would like to thank all our pianists for taking part in the festival. Our camera operators were Roger Nellist, Rob Jenkins and Andrew Whadcoat, and our technical team comprised Simon Shute, George Auckland, Patrick Magill and Andrew Whadcoat. Thanks also to Felicity Mather and Gill Rowley for sanitizing piano keys etc. Thanks also to Rebecca Breen, James Ross, Jessica Duchen and Frances Wilson for help with publicity. The full programme is still here and you can use it to find a particular performance on our Youtube channel.…


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