The sublime fantasy of Paul Lewis live at the Wigmore Hall

The sublime fantasy of Paul Lewis live at the Wigmore Hall .
Sonata quasi una fantasia op 27 n.2 and Schubert Fantasy Sonata in G …..
An encore of one of Beethovens last works the Bagatelle op 126 n.5 where Beethovens big heart at last was at peace and was allowed to sing so simply and eloquently in Paul Lewis’s refined hands..
It summed up an hour of pure magic.
It was Paul’s mentor Alfred Brendel who advised him to seek out the layers of sound which would allow him to portray the composers infinite emotions hidden even in the much maligned “Moonlight” Sonata.
Subtle split chords like the great pianists of the past allowed him to enter a world where only the chosen few have the magic key.
It was Anton Rubinstein who said the pedal is the soul of the piano.
Never has there been a greater example than today.
Delicacy and refinement mixed with passion and rhythmic impetus – the song and the dance – but always in a overall framework that positively glowed.
Like a great painting that reveals so many different things everytime one looks at it depending on the light,the time of day, the mood.
This is the raison d’etre of live music making.
A true and much welcomed reawakening.

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