Giovanni Bertolazzi ……the way forward

Some superb playing from this young Italian pianist ….at last a concert performance on an in tune piano .
And what a pianist!
From the Chopin First Scherzo played with such fiery passion but also such precision and above all lyricism even in the eye of the storm.The middle section sang with subtle understatement as the gentle polish folk melody must have been remembered by a young exile long from his homeland.
A beautiful turn of phrase in the left hand before the mighty interruptions and the continuation of storm that was even more turbulant than before. A subtle moment of delicacy was breathtaking before he threw himself into the fray and a coda of transcendental playing of such excitement.
Two debussy preludes of subtle colouring.
It was a world of fantasy and subtle intimate perfumes that he understood so well.
Has there ever been a more mysterious mist than in this Brouillards with such a feeling of desolation at the end?
Or an Ondine of such impishness.
Streaking across the keyboard with such liquid sounds to be greeted by the menace of a frenzied dance and growling bass. Creating  havock before disappearing from the ruffled waters with the same beauty that I remember Rubinstein used to seduce us with.
Talking of Rubinstein we were treated to the 12th Rhapsody by Liszt that was very much part of a Rubinstein recital.
Rubinstein had us all on our feet cheering after the driving rhythms and hypnotic gypsy charm just as we heard today from this young man in his living room.I wonder how many people were cheering after Giovanni’s performance today?
I bet they spilt their tea, at least!
Some wonderfully heroic declamations contrasting with the most subtle jewel like colours of the meltingly beautiful melodies.Like a gypsy violinist seducing his audience with ravishing sounds,our senses assaulted.
The drive to the end even took Giovanni by surprise and it is exactly that feeling of the unexpected that prompted Gilels to comment about the difference between live and canned performances.
I will never forget the sheer unrelenting drive of Gilels in the Spanish Rhapsody in the Festival Hall or the 12th Rhapsody of Rubinstein.
Today this young man has given us hope that music is still alive and well and can be shared.
It is a new way and we must adapt and perfect it.
We have so much to look forward to in the future as he projected some of that same passionate involvement to us from his living room thanks to the invitation from Yamaha pianos..


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