Dr Mather’s cure – On Wings of Song

Dr Hugh Mather‘s teatime selection.
You can even see Felicity running out to get the tea and cakes.
What better way to start this lockdown series from the St Mary’s archive than Mozart.
Elvira Madigan K 467.
Played with such passion from the string ensemble. It was a joy to watch the first violin and cello in particular.
A relentless rhythmic energy that allowed Mozart’s magic to cast its spell without any personal disturbances.
Fascinating to watch Viv McLean as he almost invented the music such was the spontaneity and obvious enjoyment.
I loved watching as he found pianistic solutions between the hands so as not to interrupt the relentless tempi they had set themselves in the outer movements.
The slow movement was played as chamber music such was the atmosphere of Hausmusik that Hugh and his enthusiastic audience bring to their hallowed hall of St Marys.
An atmosphere that comes over with such a feeling of nostalgia and gratefulness into my fortress where I shall be locked in for some time as we listen to ever more alarming news of this clever little virus.
A cunning bedfellow that knows how to get in the cracks of our up to now rather complacent lives
Not too long I hope ….but Hugh has over 400 videos to keep us happy whilst we sip our own tea for now.
Dr Felicity Mather can have a well earned rest from her retirement post.
Some of these concerts I have attended live or via live streaming.
Today’s was new to me …..and hats off to Hugh for starting with one of the best.


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