Barenreiter Beethoven of Jonathan Del Mar

I was more than curious to see Jonathan Del Mar introducing his now completed edition of the Beethoven Sonatas at the Wigmore Hall for their Beethoven 250 series.
I came across a new edition of the ‘Hammerklavier’ Sonata in the music shop of the S.Cecilia Conservatory in Rome.
Beautiful to look at as it was fascinating to consult , I gladly took it back home to study at my leisure.
Edited for Barenreiter by Jonathan Del Mar…..could it be the son of the conductor Norman Del Mar?
Listed as a Pre-concert talk to Jonathan Biss’s Beethoven 250 series.
I gladly skipped the concert but gratefully accepted the free filler.
Nice to see Leslie Howard,Stephen Hough,Julian Jacobson,Misha Donat,Bobby Chen,Ronan O’Hora and many other notable musicians come to be informed and entertained by this remarkable man.
Ever generous in thanking the late and much missed Paul Badura Skoda and Leslie Howard for their invaluable contributions as well as Misha Donat and Julian Jacobson.
It was nice to be in the company of such distinguished musicians who had come to celebrate this momentous event.
Sorry to hear that there was a change of programme in the evening concert due to illness and the promised ‘Hammerklavier’that had originally drawn me to Jonathan Del Mar had been substituted for op.109!


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