The Birthday of a Renaissance Man -Alberto Portugheis at 79n

The Birthday of a Renaissance Man Alberto Portugheis at 79
Happy Birthday Alberto Portugheis.What can one say that has not already been said?
We can just rejoice and celebrate this remarkable renaissance man who dedicates himself to pointing us all in the direction of peace and beauty that he has dedicated a lifetime to.
A noble light illuminating our way for all those that care about the human condition and are prepared to take heed.
I look forward to his concert on the 12th August with his great friend in this same hall and their eventual celebrations as they enter their 80th year!

Sasha Grynyuk with Katya Gorbatiouk and Noretta and John Leech
Surrounded by friends in St James`s Piccadilly to celebrate his 79th birthday.
Freshly returned from a birthday concert that his great friend Martha Argerich dedicated to him in Tel Aviv on the 1st January.
Now in London with his sister who had flown in especially from Buenos Aires for his annual birthday celebrations in his adopted city .
He will return with her shortly to his native Argentina for his annual masterclasses and concerts.
Many illustrious friends were present to celebrate their greatly admired friend and colleague who has given us so much for so long.
His message of peace mixed with the beauty of music is a rare and much appreciated lesson for us all.

Alberto with his sister Beatriz

with the distinguished critic Bryce Morrison

with Canan Maxton of Talent Unlimited

with Noretta Conci Leech founder of the Keyboard Charitable Trust

John Leech co founder of the Keyboard Charitable Trust and co author of publications with Alberto

with pianist Hao Zi Yoh

Ileana looking on in her favourite church

St James’s Piccadilly

Birthday lunch en famille at Zedal Piccadilly

with John Leech


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