A legend speaks – Martha Argerich in Rome

A legend speaks……..a change of programme but what does it matter when whatever she touches turns to gold.
Martha Argerich is quite unique and in a state of absolute grace as Rubinstein was once he passed the three score years and ten.
A lifetime of music making distilled like a great wine into an experience of a communication that pours out of her like a great wave and even takes her by surprise.
The art or recreation indeed.
A prism that glistens like jewels in the sun.
Its great rays fireing off multicoloured colours from the almost inaudible to the most sumptuously rich sounds that like Rubinstein belies their age.

Not forgetting the triangle player
Her tiger like attack in the opening octaves of Liszt 1 was breathtaking not only for the passion with which she dispatched them but for the full rich sound never hard or metallic.
A truly ‘grand’piano.
Her great sense of balance like Cherkassky “the man she loved “to quote ‘Le Monde de la Musique.’Listening so carefully and with such love to each individual note and not afraid to split the chords almost imperceptibly to find the colours therein.
A wonderful ‘jeux perlé’ knowing exactly which notes to accentuate to give such a foreward impetus.
Her melting self communing cantabile was of such seductive beauty but with a sense of projection that carried to the far corners of this vast hall of Renzo Piano- Sala S.Cecilia Parco della Musica Rome
‘Widmung’ by Schumann/Liszt was played as though she was alone and dreaming of one of Schumann’s most magical melodies.
Hardly aware that there were over 2000 people hanging on to every note.
The passionate climax after the intimacy of the opening was quite overwhelming as it grew so naturally out of the preceeding hymn.
It died away to a whisper as we eavesdroppers hardly dared to breathe.
So much for changing Chopin 1st concerto to Liszt Ist because of fatigue after endless tournees.
Walking off the stage arm in arm with her great friend Sir Antonio Pappano she looked tired but she certainly did not sound it!
El Dorado has arrived
Rai radio 3 tonight 1st November at 20.30(Italian time) 19.30 UK ….”May the Saints come marchin’ in “ indeed

Hand in hand with the triangle player


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