Miracles in Teatro Torlonia – Mahler 4th Symphony

Miracles in Teatro Torlonia

Mahler 4th Symphony in a chamber version by Claudio Brizi

Mahler’s 4th Symphony with just ten players would not seem possible but nevertheless in Claudio Brizi’s hands it was a quite moving experience.
In the magnificence of Teatro di Villa Torlonia we were able to appreciate all the poetry and musical invention in what must be one of Mahlers most pastoral of Symphonies.
Stripped of all the magnificent excess that abounds in Mahler scores we were taken to the core of the music and it was a revelation.
Das Himmlischen Leben (The Celestial Life) in the last movement was beautifully sung by Ilaria Vanacore.
A chamber music version played by the superb players from the Ensemlbe Roma Tre Orchestra.
It was the first collaboration with the Accademia degli Sfaccendati based in Aricia and run for years by Giacomo Fasola and Giovanna Manci.( this year celebrating 50 years of music with Coop Art Cesten)

Giovanna Manci presenting the concert
Giovanna I have known for over thirty years.From when her father,my bank manager,spoke about his daughter who he thought had quite a nice voice!
Would I listen to her?
She had one of the most beautiful voices that I have heard and I immediately put her in touch with the singing expert and musicologist Michael Aspinall who took her under his wing.

The Ensemble Roma Tre Orchestra with Claudio Brizi and Ilaria Vanacore
We gave many concerts together and even recorded the music of Paisiello for Orazio Costa’s last work as director with ‘Cosi è se vi pare’ by Pirandello with my wife Ileana Ghione, Carlo Simoni and Mario Maranzana.
Our production that sold out in Rome and Milan and was even seen in Argentina.

Valerio Vicari after a recital a few days ago in his Young Artists Series with Jonathan Ferrucci in collaboration with the Keyboard Charitable Trust
Hats off to Valerio Vicari,artistic director of Roma 3 for having the courage to include them in his most varied series of concerts for Roma Tre Orchestra.

The magnificent Teatro di Villa Torlonia ex residence of Mussolini

A full house for Mahler 4

In performance with the Ensemble …….Claudio Brizi directing from the keyboard


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