The Pontine Festival – The Sound of Musici

The Pontine Festival-The Sound of Music
Nice to be back in Sermoneta again for the Pontine Festival
Wonderful to see Franco Petracchi at 81 still on top form at the Caetani castle .
As he has been for the past 40 years at the festival founded by Menuhin,Szigeti and Alberto Lysy.
Some unexpected visitors including Prof Ilya Kondratiev of the RCM in London who is preparing next season’s programmes whilst enjoying the beauty of Italy.

Prof Kondratiev with Elisabeta Carciga sightseeing in Sermoneta

Discussions between Maestri dei Maestri Giovanni Gnocchi and Franco Petracchi

The indefatigable Tiziana Cherubini with the legendary Franco Petracchi
We were awaiting the annual presence of our beloved Eliso Virdsladze but temporary illness has prevented that although she did make an appearance this winter to pay a loving homage to the founder of the Campus Musicale Foundation Riccardo Cerrochi

Maestro Petracchi demonstrating a piece written for him by Nino Rota
I was hoping that my dear friend Boris Berman would stand in for her.I know he adores coming to the sea in this area from Yale University where he is Head of Piano all year round.
But that was obviously not possible so we await a distinguished colleague of Eliso from the Moscow Conservatory :Ruvim Ostrovsky
A nostalgic look back over the past few years at all the wonderful music that has been resounding in these hills.
It is thanks to the Cerrochi family who have carried on so selflessly the great tradition which harks back to the visits of Franz Liszt to the composer Roffredo Caetani

Maestro Petracchi and Mirela Vedeva  with their students after their concert.
The many concerts with Charles Rosen,Alicia de Larrocha,Andras Schiff,Angela Hewitt,Roberto Prosseda,Fabrizio von Arx,Bruno Canino,Bruno Giurrana and many more.
Also a performance I was invited to give in memory of my wife who came to many of the concerts over the 30 years of our happy marriage.
A concert in the beautiful seaside town of Sperlonga with Milena Vukotic of the epic poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson: Enoch Arden by Richard Strauss

The stables concert hall at the Castle

Maestro Petrocchi congratulating his young colleagues

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