The triumph of the Hornton Chamber Orchestra

The Elegance of Rachmaninov – french style
A very fine performance of the Beethoven Triple Concerto op 56 with Enyuan Khong,violin,Pedro Silva,cello, and the conductor Jack Wong directing from the keyboard was followed by a truly elegant performance by the young french composer/ pianist Thibault Charrin of Rachmaninov 3rd Piano concerto.

Jack Wong directing Beethoven from the keyboard
A group of young musicians under the name of Hornton Chamber Orchestra gave a sumptuous performance in which the strings in particular were passionately involved and the technical skill of the whole ensemble was impeccable.
The flute of Marcus Dawe was singled out for applause at the end of the Rachmaninov but it could have been for any of the other members of this very fine ensemble.
Jack Wong is the resident music scholar at the Hornton Street House and founder of the Hornton Chamber Orchestra from which it takes its name.A curriculum that states he graduated with first class honours from the Royal Academy of Music where he studied violin with Levon Chillingirian and Rodney Friend!
But there he was tonight playing the very difficult piano part in Beethoven’s Triple Concerto whilst conducting from the keyboard!
Later conducting a sumptuous performance of Rachmaninov.
A Rachmaninov that saw at the helm the young composer who I had seen premier his violin sonata recently with Enyuan Khong at St James’s Piccadilly in a concert promoted by Talent Unlimited.
An amazing group of musicians gathered together for the joy of making music together.
A Beethoven strictly held together in a very rhythmic performance that allowed Beethoven’s energy to shine through and at the same time to herald an extremely lyrical period of his life that culminated in the Fourth Piano Concerto op 58 and the Pastoral Symphony op 68.This Triple Concerto op 56 is one of the most serene of all his concertos.
Beautiful play between the soloists commented on by the orchestra in a perfect ensemble held together from the keyboard by Jack Wong.
The Rachmaninov 3rd piano concerto is the Everest of all concertos and its heights were scaled by our young french composer pianist with great elegance and lyricism.
Rather than the usual barnstorming performances we have got used too by showmen on their warhorse.
This did not exclude exilarating moments of transcendental piano playing but they were always at the service of this extremely lyrical and elegant vision of our young soloist.
The ensemble was kept well under control by the conductor who now could leave the piano playing to his colleague and concentrate on encouraging these very fine young players to listen to each other and unite their youthful passion in these glorious romantic melodies.
The flute player was singled out for his very beautiful playing at the end of the cadenza but it was the sumptuous strings that were equally as remarkable.
Some  very fine playing from an ensemble that will obviously go from strength to strength.


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