Tyler Hay at Hatchlands for the Cobbe Collection

Tyler Hay at Hatchlands for the Cobbe Collection

The original programme changed to accomodate Liszt Valse Oubliee n.1
Tyler just played at Hatchlands on Thalberg’s 1845 Erard.
He had to change Jeux d`eau a la Villa d`Este as the keyboard was shorter than Liszt`s later Erard.You can read about Liszt’s piano and the Villa D’Este here:
He played Valse oubliee n.1….worked up in the half hour before the concert.
Introducing the programme he showed a mastery and control not only on the Keyboard but like Mark Viner he can explain and enthuse so well his unique scholarship.
Never having played a historic instrument before he soon became aware of controlling his tone from mezzo forte upwards and played the big Schubert A minor in a masterly fashion.

Thalberg’s 1845 Erard
I have often found this sonata a bit long on the modern piano but today that was not the case due to his continual drive and the mellow but full cantabile that is not of the modern day pianos.
His performance of the Kalkbrenner variations on Chopin`s B flat mazurka was introduced in such an enticing manner.

A great charmer full of unique anecdotes and information
We were ready for a scintillating performance where the great difficulties passed unnoticed such was the charm and nonchalance with which he threw off the really extraordinary difficulties.
Just like Mark in this music they are pretty unique.
Neither look the part but does that matter when you can play like that.
An encore of a Kalkbrenner study op 143 n.13 played with such charm and subtle rubato I am sure his recording shortly to be issued will receive the same praise as Mark Viner’s are of Thalberg and Alkan.

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