Fausto Zadra The Last Recital

Fausto Zadra……The last recital
Wonderful to be reminded of Fausto Zadra and that fateful day in the Ghione Theatre when time stood still at the coda of the Chopin Nocturne op 27 n.2.
It had been a very busy few days before as Fausto wanted his son to recite the poems that had inspired Chopin in his Four Ballades.
My wife Ileana Ghione was with Fausto to prepare him for this special come back recital with father and son.
It had been postponed several times but finally the date had been set.
Strangely Fausto did not want to rehearse but wanted to help his son.
We spent much time chatting together.
Fausto was a great talker always.
On the evening of the concert there were so many friends,family and admirers that the box office was taken by assault.

Marco Zadra in his moving performance at the Teatro della Cometa in Rome
Half an hour late I went backstage to tell Fausto that we were ready at last.
Fausto was strangely quiet which I put down to nerves.
Something that I know all great artists suffer from in that moment before going on stage.
Perlemuter even in his 80’s used to say it was like going to the guillotine every time!
The video camera was on to capture this very special return to Rome for Fausto with his beloved son Marco.
Towards the end of the first piece I heard my wife’s voice over the intercome system calling for the lights to be switched on.
Fausto had fallen asleep at the coda of this most beautiful of all nocturnes.
As it turned out even with numerous doctors in the hall Fausto had already left us for a more beautiful place.

Newspaper report in the Repubblica
Someone had informed the press who were at the door wanting to take pictures.
The public were leaving in complete silence and only his family and close friends were there to console each other.
I would not allow the newspaper to take fotos and they threatened to sue me as it was their right!
No fotos were taken.
Only the family and I know that in the confusion the video camera was left on and now sits in the drawer of Marco Zadra.
Never watched but nice to know that it is all there.
All this was told so beautifully by Marco of the story of his family from the beginnings to that fateful day 17th May 2001 at Teatro Ghione.

Fausto in the hall of fame at the Ghione Theatre

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