Raymond Wui-Man Yiu at St Mary’s

Raymond Wui-Man Yiu at St Mary’s
Raymond Wui-Man Yiu at St Mary`s Perivale
Another beautiful concert streamed across the world into my garden today.Haydn,Liszt,Chopin and Schumann played with great conviction.

But it was the little poem op 32 by Scriabin offered as a thank you to us listeners world wide that showed off his true delicate artistry and sense of colour to the full.
Blending in so beautifully with spring that is bursting out all over.
Some really impressive playing of great beauty and technical command.
But one had the sensation that the picture he was painting and the sounds we were listening to were not related and this could lead to some strangely disjointed playing where the architechtural line was not clear.

                                      Fitting in so well with nature in Italy
This was particularly noticeable in the opening of the rarely performed two movement sonata in C by Haydn Hob XVI 48.
The great operatic opening flourishes did not flow as naturally as they could from a great singer.The contrasting movement was played with great energy but maybe the faster notes could have had more time to find their natural voice.

                                        Raymond introducing his programme
Liszt`s great Variations on Bach`s”Weinen,Klagen,Sorgen,Zagen”was given a very interesting spoken introduction followed by a very fine performance with the sombre delicate Bach choral building up to a sumptuous Lisztian climax.
The two late nocturnes op 62 were played with a great sense of style and some ravishing sounds.More weight to the legato would have allowed for even more projection with the almost physical shaping of the melodic line like a great painter before his canvas.
The Schumann novelette op 21 n.8 was given a suitably passionate performance as an outpouring of Schumann`s love for Clara.
The dotted rhythm passages could have had slightly more weight as they probably would have been more cantabile on the pianos of the day (as Andras Schiff showed us in his illuminating performances of the Brahms concertos in London recently where both Raymond and I were present).

                                      Raymond with Hugh Mather
A great sense of rhythmic energy allowed Schumann`s most passionate outpourings to ride on a wave of sumptuous sounds.
Chapeau to all those in Perivale that could give a stage worldwide to this very fine young musician

The NationalPark of Circeo in Italy


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