Ilya Kondratiev streamed live to Paradise

Miracles in Perivale Ilya Kondratiev streamed live to Paradise

                  even the cat could enjoy the wondrous sounds from Perivale
It was nice to hear our presenter Roger Nellist thanking the numerous public for turning out in such wet weather!
Especially when I am sitting in the boiling hot sunshine in what must be one of the most beautiful places in Europe – The National Park of Circeo in Italy.
Streaming is the latest addition of Hugh Mather and Roger Nellist to their concert series in Perivale aiming to give a platform to some of the finest young musicians of the day.

                             Roger Nellist presenting the concert today.
I am a regular visitor to Perivale when I am in London and one of the main reasons I always dislike leaving is that I will miss one of the stars that are shining so brightly every week.
Over 160 concerts a year.All professional engagements for young musicians at the start of their career.
I was particularly pleased to be able to hear Ilya Kondratiev today who had played so magnificently last January on his Italian tour for the Keyboard Trust.
A live radio broadcast had the RAI 3 producer with superlatives for the professional artistry of this young pianist in a recital that start at 11 pm and went on until after midnight.
Ilya will now be playing for the KCT in the USA in a concert tour that will take in the new Steinway Hall in New York.Philadelphia with the amazing Elizabeth Glendinning,former assistant to Eugene Ormandy and now in her 90th year still dedicated to helping young talent emerge. Sharing the platform with Dietlinde Maazel in the beautiful theatre on the estate that she shared with her late husband Lorin Maazel in Castleton ,Virgina.
Dietlinde Turban Maazel Wood is a renowned actress and singer who will join Ilya in a Masterclass on the songs of Schubert with Ilya performing the Liszt transcriptions.
Here is the previous tour of the KCT in the USA with Chloe Jiyeong Mun winner of Geneva and Busoni International Piano Competitions who also performed for Dr Hugh Mather in Perivale two years ago.

                                   in my garden in Italy today
I have written many times about Ilya but today I was very impressed as he played much of the programme like the great artist he is fast becoming.
Two Schubert Impromptus in particular were played with the colour and simplicity that many never achieve.
If there were one or two blemishes in the Dante Sonata it was a small price to pay for a daring performance that truly allowed us to live every second of this great drama.
He threw himself into the fray and if he sometimes slipped we took no notice as the spiritual energy was so convincing and truly swept us off our feet.
The Liszt transcription of Schubert’s “Gretchen am Spinnrade” was one of the most engaging that I have ever heard ….even from Ilya.

                                   even the cat had a smile toay

Mount Circeo …Ceres calling the boats onto her breast.The say it is the silouette of Mussolini who drained these malerial swamps in the 30’s by bringing down the workers from  the Venice area who were used to doing just that to such effect!
Ilya taking a bow in Perivale ……..transported to my backyard today


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