Khatia Buniatishvili at the Barbican

“Canons” covered in flowers Khatia Buniatishvili at the Barbican
World record just under the 60 minutes for Schubert B flat.
Four looooong movements:Travesty,Betrayal,Gnomus-things that go bump in the night,Pastiche.
Luckily her audience had come to applaud an entertainer and so clapped after every movement hoping no doubt that she would go into fifth gear and give us what we really had come for!
Frenzied paraphrase on Liszt`s 2nd Rhapsody had the audience on their feet and a fleet of young men chasing her onto the stage with flowers.
This is just the adulation we are told that awaited Liszt from his aristocratic admirers.
A thankfully abbreviated version of Schubert G flat impromptu (as like the Andante( sic) sostenuto of the Sonata it was practically inaudible) brought this grotesque and vulgar exhibition to its triumphant end.
We all loved her … too….she is irresitible
“Je ne regret rien”…….but sorry I had to give my Sokolov ticket away tonight as I had to delay my return to Rome for family reasons.
One might be tempted to say ,looking at Miss Buniatishvili’s decollete’ tonight that I got the “booby” prize.
But I must say she looks the million dollars that
he `aint…..
………………..but he has that little extra that counts so they tell me!
Laughing all the way to the bank as my idol Liberace used to boast……..
………….and we are laughing with you darling Khatia just like Lang Lang ……
                                             We love you.


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