Adam Heron at St Mary-at-Hill

London rings with the sound of music Adam Heron at St Mary-at-Hill

St Mary at Hill
How wonderful to hear many of the most important churches in London ringing with the sound of music.
Many of the more discerning city workers can take refuge at lunchtime and have their souls replenished by the magnificent music that young musicians are only to happy to share with them.
With the historic pubs overflowing at lunchtime too,others might find different, but in my opinion, much less satisfying ways of replenishing themselves!
I did not know this church which is just a stone’s throw from the Monument.

The Monument
I remember visiting The Monument with my mother and sister as a child in the interminably long summer holidays from school.
St Mary at Hill in Lovat Lane is an expansive 14th century Episcopal church that hosts weekly discussions and musical recitals.
A real welcoming oasis where coffee and sandwiches are offered together with music on their very fine baby grand Bluthner piano.
I was very happy to discover this new venue and be able to hear at last the young Adam Heron about whom I had heard many good things.
He is still ony 20 and in his second year at the Royal Academy in London where he is studying with Christopher Elton a fellow student in my youth when we both were disciples of Gordon Green.
He is now a renowned musician and teacher of some of the finest pianists in the land.
And it was a true musician that we heard today.
The Bach French Suite n.3 in B minor and the very complex A minor Sonata by Schubert written when he was close to death and just before the final trilogy that he penned before dying at the age of only 31.
A great sense of directness and simplicity were the hallmarks of the fine musicianship that he allowed to transmit in such a natural way.
He looks so right at the piano.No excesses or exhibitionism but sitting back with his arms outstretched letting the fingers find their way through the maze of notes that he played impeccably.
The Bach Suite was played with a great sense style the different dance movements beautifully judged.
It was, though, in the A minor Sonata by Schubert that his sense of architecture and overall understanding allowed him to hold the attention of the audience for the forty minute journey that Schubert takes us on.
A bigger piano would ,of course, have allowed him more range of colour to delve into the magic sounds of this very elusive sonata.
Next week this remarkable young musician returns as conductor with his Royal Academy of Music Camerata renamed the Boyce Camerata as they embark on a series of all eight Symphonies of the much neglected English composer William Boyce (1711-1779) who lived and is buried nearby.

Haessler made by Bluthner I suppose like Essex or Boston made by Steinway

Lovat Lane entrance

Adam Heron presenting the Schubert Sonata

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