Lukasz Krupinski at St Mary’s

Lukasz Krupinski at St Mary’s
Another very fine pianist presented to the world via the streaming that is now in place in Dr Mather`s St Mary`s in Perivale.
Winner of the 7th International Piano Competition in San Marino in 2016 and finalist in the 2017 Busoni Competition in Bolzano.
He graduated from the Frederic Chopin University of Warsaw and from 2016/18 he was a student of Arie Vardi in Hannover University.
He is now at the RCM in London studying for his Artist`s Diploma with Dmitri Alexeev.
Finishing this hour long recital with a sumptuous performance of La Valse by Ravel, full of the lanquid colours of this sultry waltz.Some astonishing feats of virtuosity all played with the element of the waltz in its evolution from a mere murmur to an explosion of kaleidoscopic sounds combined with the most funabulistic pianistic acrobatics.
This was undoubtedly the highlight of the recital which had started with a very beguiling opening to the Bach Prelude andFugue in C sharp BWV 872 .His long arms stretched out as though floating on water gave a very alluring opening that then became rather less interesting , played as the fine musician he is but with that opening promise of fantasy forsaken for a respectfulness that is too often the norm.

The complete programme at St Mary’s streamed live worldwide
Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata was given a refreshingly clean and clear interpretation where all Beethoven’s indications were scrupulously observed.
The last movement was a shade too fast and became rather too pianistic to allow any real shaping of the fast triplets that abound.
There were some beautiful things though in the first movement the staccato and legato question and answer was perfectly judged and the ornaments played with extraodinary clarity.
A beautiful legato and great sense of balance in the Adagio cantabile and a very clear sense of phrasing brought this movement to life as rarely heard.
The overall impression though was of a work beautifully prepared and played that needed now to be lived with and in a certain sense given a free reign.
Of course the Chopin Nocturne op 48 n.1 and the two Waltzes op.18 and op 64 n.2 were played as only a true native could .
A subtle sense of rubato allied to a beautiful sense of line and balance were greatly appreciated by the large audience who knew this very fine pianist from his previous two appearances.

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