A Woman for All Seasons in Frascati

A Woman for All Seasons in Frascati
The very imposing Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati .Built in 1598 it can boast frescos of Cavalier d’Arpino and Domenichino.

Villa Aldobrandini Frascati
The scene of many noble visitors on the “Grand Tour” in the 18th Century including Liszt,Marie d`Agoult,George Sand and many others.
Today scene of a chamber music concert directed by Marylene Mouquet with Aldo D`Amico and Adele Auriol.
A programme of Mozart Beethoven and Brahms.
Some beautiful sounds from the Steinway in the hands of Marylene Mouquet in the Mozart Divertimento K:254 which opened the concert.
A graduate from the Paris Conservatoire, Ecole Normale and the Brussels Conservatory.She continued her Studies at the Chigiana in Siena with Michelangeli.
She has been living for many years in Frascati and is a distinguished professor at the Rome Conservatory.
She is the Founder and President of the Musical Association named after Michelangeli in Frascati
Some very fine playing from Adele Auriol whose beautiful violin sound shaped the Spring Sonata so well and together with Marylene gave a very convincing performance in which the melodic line was passed from one instrument to the other in a real musical conversation.

FouTs’ong       Duda           Ileana Ghione     Linda Alberti and Students
Joined by the distinguished cellist Aldo D’Amico they gave a very fine performance of Brahms Trio op 114.Played with great involvement and each player listening intently to the other giving great sweep to the long passionate lines in this late trio of Brahms.
It is the Scuderie where I played many times with our much missed Lya de Barberiis.
A quick visit to Danuta(Du da) and her husband Ezio Alovisi .
Duda a close friend from her Warsaw days with Krystian Zimmerman and Fou Ts`ong and teacher of many fine musicians including Michelangelo Carbonara,Mattia Ometto and Abha Valentina Lo Surdo.

Duda and Ezio Alovisi with Brando
Ezio was the stage director for Lydia Agosti`s production of Trouble in Tahiti that I directed from the keyboard in Perugia in the `80`s
An afternoon of very fine playing from these very distinguished players.

Aldo D’Amico Marylene Mouquet Adele Auriol


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