16th International Competition “Premio Citta di Padova”

16th International Competition for soloists and orchestra “Premio Citta di Padova”

Jury :Lucia Visentin  Enzo Caroli  Roberto Scalabrin  Zoltan Szabo
16th Annual International Competition “Premio Citta di Padova” for soloists and orchestra.
With the orchestra di Padova e del Veneto directed by Giancarlo Rizzi.
Outright winner was the 15 year old Rino Yoshimoto from Japan,with an extraordinary Tchaikowsky Concerto played on a magnificent recently made Neapolitan violin.
Joint second was Catherina Lee,from Australia, with Sibelius on a Guadanini violin in a very mature performance of great weight.
Dalina Ugarte from Venezuela, also gave a fine if rather over serious account of Mozart 3rd Concerto K 216 on the eve of Mozart`s birthday .

Dalina Ugarte
All beautifully organised by Elia Modenese and Elisabetta Gesuato in the name of AGIMUS Padua an organisation that the Keyboard Charitable Trust has long been associated with.
Great celebrations at the wonderful Eremitani restaurant, a stone`s throw from the Pollini Conservatory Hall which is the main venue for concerts in Padua together with the Sala dei Giganti where Jonathan Ferrucci performs this morning for the Amici della Musica in collaboration with the Keyboard Charitable Trust.
Tonight for the Day of The Memory«Holocaust Day» Petrushansky will give a recital for the people of the city at the Pollini.

After competition party for the organisers and friends

Dalina Ugarte receiving her second prize with Catherina Lee and Rino Yoshimoto applauding

The prizewinning performance of Tchaikowsky

Rino Yoshimoto’s very fine modern Neapolitan violin

Giancarlo Rizzi with 15 year old winner Rino Yoshimoto


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