Alberto Portugheis the Renaissance Man

For love of Beauty and Peace Alberto Portugheis annual birthday concert
A very full St James’s Piccadilly today for the annual birthday concert of that true polyhedric renaissance man that is Alberto Portugheis.
Alberto has dedicated his life to searching for peace and filling our lives with beauty instead of war.
He has written books on lasting world peace and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008.
”The Game of War”,”A Path to Peace” and” $$$$$$$In their hearts” give us some idea of the passionate campaign that this man is still waging at the age of 77.
In fact Alberto dedicates much time and energy to campaigning for lasting World Peace through the organisation that he presides,HUFUD(Humanity United for Universal Demilitarisation ) of which the Honorary President is his lifelong friend Martha Argerich.
Who would not remember their 75th Birthday that they celebrated together in a concert at the Wigmore Hall?
Alberto is also a master chef and was well known for his radio programmes of musical menus.
He even opened a restaurant with Martha Argerich in West Kensington called “Rhapsody” that many famous musicians used to appreciate including their great friend Shura Cherkassky.
But above all Alberto Portugheis is an acclaimed musician since winning the first prize at the Geneva Concours de Virtuosite.
With many distinguished recordings to his name of amongst others: Chopin 4 Ballades,Ginastera Complete Piano Works,Khachaturian Piano Concerto with the LSO together with the complete works for piano .
His latest CD is dedicated to the Complete Works of the Spanish Composer Elena Romero.
And so it was today that Alberto shared with us a lifetimes’ love of Schumann with “His Favourite Schumann” which included Papillons op 2,Toccata op 7 and Carnival Jest of Vienna op 26.
Played with the passion of someone who has lived with and loved this music for a lifetime.
This was “old syle “ playing in which the overall line and musical message was of paramount importance.
Any smudged details or imperfections were a small price to pay for the love and passion that shone through today in the hands of this truly Renaissance Man.
Happy Birthday dear Alberto we owe you a lot .

Alberto Portugheis
Forward by John Leech founder with his wife Noretta Conci-Leech of the Keyboard Charitable Trust


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