The Sublime Perfection of Mitsuko Uchida

The sublime perfection of Mitsuko Uchida
Mitsuko Uchida at the RFH Schubert A minor D.537,C major D.840 ( Reliquie),Bflat D.960
The pinnacle of pianistic perfection……..sublime is the only word that could someway describe what we experienced together tonight.
Her unbelievable control of sound held us all mesmerised from the first to the last by the sublime poetry that was unfolded with such simplicity before us.
The B flat Sonata development reached points of beauty that have rarely if ever been heard in this hall.
Pianissimi that only Richter had attempted in this hall in Beethoven op 22 but that failed to project and had one critic saying it was inexistent.
Richter certainly was never that, but he was watching from afar with his geniale sense of structure and total dedication to the composers wishes that even negated his own personal engagement.
The luminosity of Mitsuko Uchida was not for him.
His message was written in stone ….Mitsuko’s on sand.
One immediately more human and of this earth rather than the abstract perfection of pure genius.
Mitsuko Uchida was more involved as she entered the very core of the B flat sonata with vibrancy,reverance but above all with a supreme sense that every moment was a magic discovery that could only be savoured and never repeated.
The first movement of the C major Sonata already showed us that this was a very special evening with the melodic line so perfectly legato but the accompaniment almost staccato and perfectly phrased……
The same with the A minor ( a sonata that Michelangeli made his own) where the melody is the same as the great A major last movement and was played so delicately and cantabile but with a perfectly clear accompaniment almost without pedal.

students on stage cheering after a sublime B flat Sonata
How she did it ….I can only say that miracles can occur and they certainly did tonight.
I had thought that the perfection of Zimerman’s memorable B flat Sonata would never be reached again.
But here even in the last movement with that single bell like note that interrupts the flow Mitsuko Uchidas interpretation was even more magical tonight.
It had the entire audience on their feet cheering and a rather bewildered Mitsuko who was left on stage knowing that it was Schubert himself who had been with us tonight she was just his faithful servant …………
I can ony repeat what I wrote last november when she had almost reached the same heights with the G major Sonata ………

a spontaeous standing ovation at tyhe end of her recital

a humble servant serving her beloved Schubert so well


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