Anna Geniushene at Pushkin House

Anna Geniushene at Pushkin House

Anna Geniushene at Pushkin House
A remarkable recital today in preparation for one of the greatest “circuses” on earth.
For Anna was one of the 24 selected from hundreds auditioned worldwide to compete in the Leeds International Piano Competition .
You can hear her live on the LPC website streaming on Friday at 19.40 .
Some very musicianly playing and her Prokofiev 8th Sonata is even more remarkable a year on from the Busoni competition where she was voted the best player by the renowned
Quartetto di Cremona with whom she played the Schumann Quintet.
Lovely to know that a recital she gave recently in the Busoni Festival in Bolzano she dedicated to one of her colleagues in last years’ Busoni competition : the young Korean pianist EunSeong Kim who died recently in a tragic swimming accident .
A life full of promise so cruelly cut short.
All best wishes to Anna for the success that she truly deserves to find in Leeds .
To Tamila Salimdjanova(16.20 Sat 8th),Evelyne Berezovsky(21.20 on Sat 8th) and Anna Geniushene( 19.40 Friday 7th)
May the best ” man” win and may there be much wonderful music from you all.


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