Luke Jones at the RNCM Manchester

Luke Jones at the RNCM Manchester

Very glad to share my thoughts on an extraordinary recital yesterday in Manchester.
Chopin Studies op 10 1-4
Rachmaninov EtudeTableau op 39 n.2
Brahms Paganini Bk 2
Sounds in Brahms I have never heard before.
Great artistry…… could not imagine better …
Chopin op 10 n.2 too fast room for charm and 4 too fast for scherzando character…but ending more exciting than Rubinstein.
Wonderful playing .
Carlo Grante was right all those years ago..Bravo…

Luke Jones at the RNCM
Rachmaninov sublime ….you are.a real artist.
There will be lots of ups and downs but remember always everything will add to your already quite considerable artistry……
Brava also to Dina Parakhina who has given you such good taste.
It is very rare.
Technically the.studies were phenomenal and why not show off at your.age. not many can……!


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