Jean Rondeau at the Barbican

Jean Rondeau at the Barbican
Fantastic performance of the Goldberg Variations from Jean Rondeau at Milton Court as part of their Bach weekend.
One hour and fifteen minutes of course with all the repeats.
The same duration as Rosalyn Tureck`s remarkable performances at the RFH first half of the concert on the harpsichord and after a supper interval a second concert on Steinway piano in 1972.
She also played them for us in Rome in the `90`s when she made a come back to the concert stage in the Italy that she so adored.
Very subtle rubato and ornamentation held the packed Milton Court in complete silence. A great artist that can bring this music so vividly to life with such dedication and modesty.
At the service of JSB as Sir John Eliot Gardiner has shown us this weekend at the Barbican Centre .
Total silence for quite some minutes greeted this performance of the Goldberg after the final moving notes of the Aria with which this remarkable work finishes……….
A florid improvisation at the beginning to prepare our ears for the adventure we were about to embark on together.
Here he is last year at Hatchlands


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