Richard Goode – A Master speaks

Richard Goode- A Master speaks
Richard Goode Masterclass at the Wigmore Hall- the third this week .
Royal Academy of Music and Guildhall and now after his recital last night at the Wigmore Hall.
Some magnificent playing from the master and the disciples- one from each college .
He was as mightily impressed as they were.
The audience ,of course, were totally taken by surprise by these other young people after a day of experiencing the nuptuals………..
Frederic Bager with the makings of a superb Hammerklavier
Iyad I. Sughayer with an exquistely beautiful Mozart K282
Tamila Salimdjanova with a wonderfully shaped Davidsbundler
Ana Gogava with an impassioned and intelligent op 109.
It was nice to see Martino Tirimo listening to his student Iyad I. Sughayer and to hear his loving words for our much missed maestro Gordon Green -” the greatest teacher of the century” in Martino’s words” each of his many illustrious students all different…………”.he should know because Gordon entrusted his students to him on many an occasion. I would also add a wonderfully warm and affectionate human being who with his wife always by his side shaped the pianists of an era.
Much in the way of Tobias Matthay.
Sidney Harrison said that of all his colleagues at the RAM Gordon was the one he agreed with always.
How could you not resist his warm northern common sense and bonomie- nice to know that we have never forgotten and are forever grateful!


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