The Axworthy homestead

25 Arlington Gardens Chiswick……..
The Axworthy homestead from the beginning of the last century.

Just off Turnham Green where the “Axworthys” played cricket .On the green was the Five Steps Club on the corner where there are now a block of luxury flats.

Overlooked by the second largest theatre in London after the London Palladium …The Chiswick Empire …..demolished in the ’60s to make way for an ever more derelict office block.

As children we would come to see our grandmother ~Nain~ my fathers mother who after the annual outing to the pantomime would give us the most wonderful hot cheese scones,dripping with butter.
My grandfather in his winged collar and pin stripes looking like Soames,and living an estranged existence since a family member had to go to Flanders at the end of the first world war where he spent much time in the trenches and philandering with the same passion after.
Reminding him that he had a wife and 9 children awaiting his return!

The last two performances ,in the Empire were of Cliff Richards and the Shadows and Liberace recent winner of a libel suit against a newspaper that had accused him of being something he claimed he was not.

Totally vindicated they pulled down the Chiswick Empire after his week of performances!

Hugh Grant was born just around the corner on the Green.
Small world!

L'immagine può contenere: abitazione, cielo, pianta, albero e spazio all'aperto
L'immagine può contenere: abitazione, pianta, cielo, albero e spazio all'aperto
L'immagine può contenere: abitazione e spazio all'aperto


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