Martin Cousin at St Mary’s

Martin Cousin at St Mary’s Perivale

                                              Martin Cousin
What a great surprise and what playing!
Who did you study with ?
John Blakely and Yonty Solomon .
John and I were in the class of Gordon Green together with Tessa Uys,Philip Fowke,Richard McMahon,Ann Shasby,Peter Bithell and Simon Rattle .
It was obvious from the superb musicality that we heard today that he had been influenced by some very special people.
Some very fine Bach with the English Suite n.6 in D minor.
Rarely heard on its own in the concert hall for its length and complexity.
The music was allowed to speak simply for itself with some wonderfully respectful changes of register especially in the exquisite Gavotte 1 and 11.
How rare it is to hear someone who “seems” to do nothing but allows the music to unfold so naturally.
Art that conceals art indeed and this was indeed a true artist.

                            Low seated Martin Cousin
Having won the Pozzoli Competition in 2005 and the Overseas League in 2003 performing concertos in the RFH and the Barbican with the Philharmonia and London Philharmonic.
Three CD’s for the Somm label brilliantly reviewed by no less than Geoffrey Norris :
“Martin cousin’s debut disc establishes a striking new benchmark for the interpretation of Rachmaninov’s Ist Sonata …has discretion,judgment,perception and formidable technique” .
Not bad from an acknowledged expert on Rachmaninov .
Rachmaninov who died 70 years ago today 28th March 1943.
It is the same typical modesty of his mentor John Blakely.
He was one of the most sensitive musicians that I have known but also one of the nicest people too.
I remember him with great admiration and affection.
A very fine performance of Chopin Sonata in B flat minor.
Here again so simply played it all sounded so natural and inevitable as did the Prelude in F sharp that he played by public demand.
Nice to know that they are his the hands seen on screen of David Helfgot playing Rachmaninov 3 in that film “Shine”
A very successful trio with the Aquinas Piano Trio has robbed us for too long from enjoying this remarkably fine pianists solo repertoire.
Hats off to Hugh Mather who every time he opens the doors (and it is very often but never enough) we are surprised and excited by what we find.
A real treasure trove
A Pandoras’ box indeed for the many that have discovered this beautifully little church just a stones throw from the center of London on the Central line.
In fact almost next door neighbour to the Wigmore Hall …..Bond Street- Perivale 20 minutes to be precise.


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