Mark Viner takes London by storm

Mark Viner takes London by storm
Sensational is the only word for Mark Viners remarkable debut at the Wigmore Hall as winner of the Keyboard Charitable Trust Prizewinners concert.
Bryce Morrison on his feet cheering with the rest of us – a star is truly born tonight.
In memory of the distinguished friend and renowned critic Bill Newman who would have been so proud to see the legacy at work that he had left to Noretta and John Leech and their Keyboard Trust that he admired so much.
Wonderful celebration also of Noretta`s 87th in an after concert dinner party hosted by the indefatigable Gabriella Bassatne.

Gabriella Bassatne
 The same programme as his recent tour of Italy but with the ideal encore ,according to Bryce Morrison :Cecile Chaminade The Flatterer…………..which will appear on his new CD of the works of Cecile Chaminade

Noretta Conci Leech with Bryce Morrison

Moritz von Bredow Linn Rothstein

Alberto Chines with Clare Packenham

Richard and Elena Bridges

Mark Viner with John Leech

                                                  Moritz Von Bredow and Partner and  Sasha Grynuk

John Leech and Albert Portugheis

George Linardakos Mark Viner


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