Leonidas Kavakos and Yuja Wang at the Wigmore Hall in London tonight .
Last night in the S.Cecilia Hall in Rome……………and tomorrow?!
They looked tired but they certainly did not sound it .
Yuja in the slinkiest of dresses .
Grey lame’ split up the side and completely backless.
None of which was relevant to the control and wondrous sounds that she found on the piano .
Lid wide open she never overpowered the totally assured sounds of Kavakos’s “Willemotte”Stradivarius of 1734.
Inspired but the magnificent sounds from the piano he matched and complimented them with a range of power and subtle colours that lead to some really memorable performances of the four great works on the programme.
A monumental performance of Schubert’s great but sometimes very allusive Fantasy D.934 in which an architectural sense of line was matched by a clarity and sense of colour that brought this work to life as very rarely it can be in lesser hands.
Some very subtle colours in the Debussy Sonata with that very aristocratic French sound that was never allowed to descend into sentimentality.
Bartok’s Sonata .1 of 1921, written for Jelly d’Aranyi (who gave the first performance with the composer),was given a truly transcendental performance that had the audience on their feet cheering these two great artists to the rafters .
A single encore by Szmanowski ,the Myth n.1 “La fontaine d’Arethuse” played  with all the subtle colours that only these two great artists could conjure up together in a truly magical evening


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