Terry’s Picasso

Wonderful to see Terry`s dream come true.

Peter Tate -Picasso
Thanks to Peter Tate`s determined dedication to present Terry`s Picasso that she had dedicated her last days to.
So much of Terry inside and out in this new space in the shadow of Grenfell Tower.
Even the beautiful lamps in the foyer from Terrys home in Lugano.
A very warm atmosphere that only Terry could have created as anyone would know who visited her studio in the centre of Rome.
Wonderful lighting too on stage to illuminate Terry`s Picasso in the magisterial performance of Peter Tate
Five star review from Michael Billington in the Guardian has sealed the fate on this very movingly heartfelt production.

Peter Tate with Adele Oni,Claire Bowman,Alejandra Costa
Peter Hats off to Peter and his wife for their dedication to the cause of Picasso.
A great celebration of that extraordinary woman who will long remain in our hearts and as Peter pointed out under our skin.

Grenfell Tower cast its shadow

Terry D’Alfonso


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