Doctor Hough’s Surgery

Doctor Hough’s Surgery at the Royal Academy of Music in London
Wonderful to be back in my old Alma Mater in the Dukes Hall where 45 years earlier almost to the day I was awarded the Mc Farren Gold Medal .
A wonderful lifetime in Rome promoting young musicians and the not so young masters sadly neglected in Italy.
As well as producing plays .
My wife was knighted by President Ciampi for her extraordinary work.
The only woman actress to build and run her own theatre for over thirty years .
” We have been made a Dame” she would proudly say
Something for which I too was awarded quite unexpectedly an ARAM.
Someone had obviously spilled the beans in England as out of the blue a big envelope arrived by post in the theatre next to St Peters Square that I built and ran for over thirty years with my wife the renowned actress Ileana Ghione.
Our great friend Rosalyn Tureck reminded us that whilst it is nice to receive recognition from people who seem to be oblivious to the Art world .
It is the work that counts and our mission in life.
That is the true fulfillment and satisfaction!
How right she was always!
Here I was this evening to listen to the down to earth words of wisdom from Stephen Hough ,a student of my old teacher Gordon Green .
The pianist that Cherkassky ,who played over ten recitals for us in Rome,esteemed more than any other of the younger generation.
And now has been rightly hailed worldwide as one of the great pianist of his generation.
A bit like a doctors surgery with some remarkably talented young pianists bringing their problems to Dr Hough for a remedy.
Ten minutes a visit and an excellent way to really help in a very constructive way.
Lovely affectionate foto shoot brought to a conclusion the end of year studies for these very talented young artists about to go out into the world to seek their fortune as I had all those years ago.
Good luck and best wishes to them all:
Arisa Onoda,Antoine Preat,Weng Soon Tee,HyunJeong Hwang,Linhan Sung,Francesca Orlando,Anna Szalucka,Ke Ma


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