Emanuel Rimoldi US Tour for the Keyboard Charitable Trust

Emanuel Rimoldi US tour for the Keyboard Charitable Trust
Emanuel Rimoldi at Yamaha New York for the Keyboard Charitable Trust in collaboration with the American Liszt Society.
“Stunning” were Gila Goldstein`s words used to describe this recital of Mozart K 310,Verdi/Liszt ,Chopin op.61,Rachmaninov Ten Preludes op.23.
On a rather bright Yamaha Concert Grand this young Italian pianist,winner of Top of the World and Manhattan International Competitions,managed to produce the most amazing range of sounds in a programme that showed off his mature,intelligent artistry.
Holding a discerning audience spellbound for over an hour and a half.
Rarely heard cheers greeted his performances .
Treated to an encore of such charm and subtle old world colour with the little waltz by Rebikov that our much missed Cherkassky used to beguile us with in the past.
Turning a bauble into a gem on this piano was a magic trick that is of very few.
Miracles indeed in the magically poetic Aida paraphrase. Barely touching the keys to allow Verdi`s emotional melodies from the final act of Aida to sing out without having to force the tone. A real tour de force of such subtlety to allow the amazing genius of Liszt to create the same spell and atmosphere that Verdi could on stage.
A real neglected masterpiece that needs a very special talent that can bring it to life as tonight.
Rachmaninov played as a unified whole.
In fact many played as pairs .
Many showing off a transcendental virtuosity as in n.2,7 and in particular n.9 the intricate feux follets legato thrown off with an ease that is of a chosen few. The amazingly intricate Tempo di minuetto where there seemed to be a kalaedoscopic appearance of this sometimes menacing sometimes etherial rhythmic invention of Rachmaninov with different colours appearing seemingly out of thin air.
Magical in the hands of this master magician.
The sheer seductive beauty of the D major prelude, the most melodic of the set ,where a very subtle rubato allied to constantly shifting tone colours made the music speak as it had in the Liszt with a refreshingly individual personality. Never foresaking the wishes of the composer but bringing it to life as only a real artist can.
Perfect tempi in Mozart and very subtle tone colouring always scrupulously in style brought this well known sonata to life.
Great drama in the first movement development contrasted with the refined filigree figurations that are so usually just rattled off in lesser hands.
The murmuring last movement brought to mind Chopin’s great B flat minor sonata such was the driving whispered energy behind these seemingly innocent notes.
In fact Chopin`s great Polonaise Fantasie was given a very grandiose performance full of bewitching colours and sudden changes of direction.
The long slow middle section played a little slower than usual but so pregnant with meaning that the slow return to the Polonaise and triumphant final outpouring came as complete contrast…….a fantasy polonaise indeed.
Especially in the torrid heat of 96 degrees that has hit New York on Emanuels arrival from Milan and mine from a still wintery London.
Beautifully organised and joint hosted by Caroline von Reitzenstein for the KCT and Gila Goldstein it was in the Nana Mukhadze Memorial Series.
Amongst terrible stories today in the ever more invasive mass media of a tragedy on the road in New York Times Square and ever more alarming stories of the Trump administration it was these magical moments from this remarkable young pianist that gave a much needed relief and glimpse of a paradise being lost for all those that cannot escape with us to this world of music where words are just not necessary .
We lucky few!
Not a squeak from the mass media about art and beauty the constants from time immemorial in a world that never changes.
Dining opposite Carnegie Hall this evening I notice Murray Perahia is playing there tonight the recital repeated in London on the 11th June that I had heard in Rome last March.
If Music be the Food of Love as someone so wisely stated centuries ago the world could be a better place. If only we could publicise that instead of constant news of tragedy,disaster and political mayhem.
Hats off to these great artists young and old dedicating their lives to beauty via their remarkable art.
“We merry few” to quote that sage yet again.
Now for Delaware,Castletown and Philadelphia on this short USA tour for the KCT.


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