Jamal Aliyev at St James’s

Jamal Aliyev and Maria Tarasewicz at St James’s Piccadilly

JamalAliyev and Maria Tarasewicz at St James`s Piccadilly for the Concordia Foundation series of Gillian Humphreys.
Having heard Jamal over the past few years it was splendid to hear how this promising and exceptionally talented young student has blossomed into the great artist that overwhelmed a very attentive audience in St James`s Piccadilly today. Right from the opening work with the Paganini Variations on a theme by Rossini one was immediately aware of being part of a very special occasion. The subtle phrasing,the total involvement and a transcendental control of the instrument where the music was allowed to speak directly to a public completely mesmerised.
Paul Tortelier,who would have been 103 yesterday played it in my theatre with just the same communication and showmanship that it so much part of this encore piece. Jamal playing with just the same weight on a Gabrielli cello of 1752. After such a performance one wondered how he could play anything else afterwards. Helped also by the resonant acoustic and the exquisite playing of Maria Tarasewicz who was with him every inch of the way.
Some beautiful sounds on this very fine concert Fazioli and with the lid fully open such was her musicianship she never overpowered the cello. In fact in the Arpeggione Sonata there was some very fine duo playing in which each of these young artists were listening attentively to each other in a real musical conversation.The seemingly endless melodic invention of Schubert only equalled by Mozart,was given a performance of such eloquence and musicality each player replying to the other in a totally convincing performance. Some exquisite sounds from the piano totally matched the passionate commitment from the cellist.
This same passionate commitment was in evidence in a remarkable performance of the first movement of Dvorak`s cello concerto. The same commitment and nobility that was so much part of Jaqueline Du Pre`s historic performance with Daniel Barenboim in the Albert Hall during the political upheaval forty years ago. Such was the participation of public and performers that the cut in the orchestral part although understandable nevertheless came as a surprise . I am sure that it will be only a question of time before we hear Jamal play this work with the greatest orchestras worldwide.
A transcendental performance from both players of Chopin’s Polonaise Brillante played with great flair and sense of style and colour which characterised this very passionate performance that brought this magnificent concert to a rousing conclusion. Present to share in his success were two remarkable ladies:Gillian Humphreys of Concordia and
Canan Maxton who have followed and helped the progress of Jamal in his journey from an exceptionally talented young cellist to the mature great artist that kept this packed lunchtime audience so enthralled.


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