Emanuel Rimoldi at the Wigmore Hall- The Keyboard Charitable Trust Prizewinner’s Concert

Emanuel Rimoldi at the Wigmore Hall
Emanuel Rimoldi at the Wigmore Hall
Great celebrations for the Keyboard Charitable Trust Prizewinners Wigmore Hall recital.
Emanuel Rimoldi ,the young Italian/Romanian pianist, winner of the Top of the World International Piano Competition in Tromso in 2013 and in 2016 he took the first Grand Prize and the “Ivo Pogorelich” prize in the Manhattan International Competition which secured his New York debut at Carnegie/Weil Hall last summer.
And so there were great expectations from a very full Wigmore Hall which included some very distinguished musicians .
Presenting an impressive programme of three major works by Mozart, Schumann and Rachmaninov adding only Liszt’s rarely heard delicate paraphrase of Verdi’s Aida.
A very strong a decisive temperament reigned in the Mozart A minor Sonata K.310 .
The first movement Allegro Maestoso played almost with Beethoven in mind with a very tight rhythmic control.It was maybe a little too fast to allow the music to breath naturally but this was Emanuel’s vision and it was accomplished with great technical and musical skill.
The Andante Cantabile played with a beautiful sense of line and colour only interrupted by the central Beethovenian section which was evidently Emanuel’s vision.
A very strong sense of rhythm in the closing Presto where his almost whispered rhythmic impulse was very impressively maintained to bring the Sonata to a very rousing ending.
This was a  very accomplished opening to his debut recital in which his very strong personality wanted to share his vision of this almost Beethovenian Sonata of Mozart.
The wonderful opening melody in the Humoresque was beautifully shaped with a great sense of colour and real feeling for the fantasy world of Schumann.There were great feats of virtuosity in the faster passages which were often interrupted by the extreme beauty of the slower sections .
In fact a real Floristan and Eusebius in this very elusive much neglected masterpiece .
All admiration to Emanuel for reinstating it in his London debut recital.
The Verdi /Liszt Danza sacra e duetto finale from Aida showed off to the full his refined virtuosity and sense of colour.This was a performance in which the shaping of Verdi’s beautiful melodies was  of paramount  importance although never missing the extrovert personality of Liszt’s unjustly neglected paraphrase.
The ten Preludes of Rachmaninov op 23 were played with all the colour and virtuosity that one would expect from a student of Elisso Virsaladze at the Moscow Conservatory where he studied for five years having already received his Bachelor and Master’s degree from the Verdi Conservatory in Milan .
Ending with the beautiful tenth Prelude (largo) which he played with all the wonderful sense of colour and that this young Italian /Romanian pianist also regaled us with at the end of this long very important recital.
Responding to a very enthusiastic audience he played the “October” from the Seasons by Tchaikowsky which was suffused with melancholy yearning and with a beautiful sense of rubato allowing the music to speak so naturally .
A rarely heard nocturne by Chopin completed the programme.
In the green room afterwards many of his young illustrious colleagues- some of the finest young pianists in the land- came back to congratulate him and carry him of to festivities until the early hours .
It is very refreshing to see the solidarity and generosity of all these wonderful young musicians who are all beginning to make their mark in the music world .
Dinara Klinton,Luka Okros,Kausikan Rajeshkumar,Evelyne Berezovsky,Ilya Kondratiev ,Marcos Madrigal were just some of the few that came to support and congratulate their friend on his long journey to establishing an important career.


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