Daniel Harding’s tribute to his Master

‘Resurrected on the Immacolata
Immaculate performance of the Resurrection Symphony under a superb Daniel Harding truly worthy of the dedication of tonights concert to Claudio Abbado on the feast day of the Immacolata.
Pappano’s wonderful S. Cecilia Orchestra and Chorus in Rome in magnificent form. A truly memorable performance for its controlled passion and grandeur.
A great sense of line in the German Kappelmeister tradition of Jochum or Klemperer as exemplified in our time by the great and much missed Claudio Abbado .
To say that we were not aware of the ten horns and eight trombones is the greatest compliment one could give to this young director discovered and helped by Abbado for whom he became assistant .
The one and a half hour work all leading  inevitably to the last movement inspired by the funeral of Hans von Bulow where the entry of the magnificent chorus is so movingly  right.
All performed with a sense of line ( not easy with the enormous orchestra asked for by Mahler) that held the packed audience spellbound to the end.
A standing ovation was not enough for such a profound experience .We left the hall uplifted by this great tribute to Claudio Abbado as Mahler had been at the funeral of Liszt’s son in law.
Where words are not enough …….music can reach the realms that our souls need these days, when we appear to have so much but in fact after this experience  it is in fact too little .


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