Beethoven at the Filarmonica

Beethoven at the Filarmonica
Magnificent Beethoven from Leonora Armellini for the Filarmonica Romana to finish off this feast of Beethoven this weekend.What a great idea of Matteo D’Amico composer and artistic director with a project of Andrea Lucchesini of all the Beethoven Sonatas played by some of the finest young pianists around.
Matteo wrote many years ago the sound track for the play by Pirandello “Cosi e’ se Vi pare” one of the last productions by the great director Orazio Costa Giovangigli in our theatre in Rome. We took on tour all over Italy and also in South America. A long and difficult piano piece that we had great fun recording together – me on the piano! Also recording with Giovanna Manci Accademia Sfaccendati of Paisiello’s” Non piu che sento” that Matteo’s piece was based on .
Now Matteo D’Amico is the Artistic Director of the renowned Filarmonica Romana transforming the small Sala Casella into a perfect setting for the complete Beethoven Sonata Series which includes a piece by a contemporary composer in each of the five concerts that make up the first part of the series from 9th October to the 18 December.
The piano in the centre of the hall with seating all around on three sides gave everyone the chance to really savour the performances.
A very learned and interesting introduction from that voice so well known to us here in Italy on the Rai radio 3 – Guido Zaccagnini.
And so on to the music by pianists Federico Colli(9/10),Leonora Armellini(23/10 ),Giovanni Nesi- Leonardo Pierdomenico(13/11 both from the master course at the Accademia di S.Cecilia of Benedetto Lupo- the teacher of Beatrice Rana amongst other distinguished past students of this remarkable pianist) ,Leonardo Colafelice(27/11),Gloria Campaner(18/12). All pianists very well known on the International Piano Competition Circuit and all Italian and very young.
Hats off to the Filarmonica for letting us hear some of these remarkable young musicians
Leonora Armellini I had not heard before although I know that she and Costanza Principe played the entire Beethoven Piano Concerto Cycle with the Orchestra Marchegiana following on from our (Keyboard Charitable Trust) highly successful complete Rachmaninov Concerto Cycle with Jayson Gillham,Vitaly Pisarenko,Alexander Ullman and Marcos Madrigal.
Some remarkably fine Beethoven playing had me really riveted for two hours by the intelligence and perfect control of her performances of op 101 and op 2 n.3. Combined with such temperament ,sense colour and style these were exceptional performances by any standard and luckily were recorded for later transmission by the Radio.
A very interesting piece by Roberta Vacca who introduced her piece together in a short discussion with with Guido Zaccagnini,giving our pianist time to have a well earned break Based on fragments of Mendelssohn that Roberto Prosseda had found and commissioned this piece “Codicevoluto” ,beautifully played from the score by Leonora Armellini.
.In fact whether Beethoven or Vacca the thing that was most evident in the whole recital was the always beautiful sound from this magnificent Steinway “D” in Leonora Armellini magnificent performances.
Much looking forward to the other three concerts 13/27 November and 18th December . (Sorry to have missed Federico Colli last week- both he and Armellini are students of Boris Petrushansky at that remarkable Accademy in Imola founded by Franco Scala)

Playing with influenza and a collapse after the triumph


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