► 3:22 Gilels plays the Prelude in B minor (Bach / Siloti) – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu06WnXlPCY Gilels for me too with Rubinstein was the greatest I have ever heard. An empty festival hall for Schubert and Shostakovich.The most magical Schubert imaginable-Moments Musicaux and the little A minor Sonata . Big memory lapse in Shostakovich 2nd Sonata….off with his head from the regime but what a performance . Probably the greatest performance of Brahms 2 and Tchaikowsky 3…great fight with Boult in the rehearsal about the opening horn in the Tchaikowsky. Boult was very impatient with Gilels who could not explain what he would like the horn player horn play to do exactly!Gilels was very silent after that rebuke.I felt sorry for him . His complete Beethoven with Boult of which number 2 will remain with me forever the simple ascending and discending arpeggio in the first movement was magic. Unbelievable Spanish Rhapsody in another recital ,that opened with Weber Sonata in A flat , had us all on our feet. Literally swept away by the unrelenting rhythmic energy and sheer beauty of this very grand piano. His Bach Siloti is probably one of the greatest performances on you tube with his Scarlatti…….. and Bach Busoni D major Organ Prelude and Fugue. It was Rubinstein who when he was dragged to hear the little boy Gilels by his teacher exclaimed that when he came to the west he would pack up his things and leave The Italian radio last night dedicated and hour to him with a rare interview in the Victoria Hotel where all the pianist in Rome went to use Mr Wird’s piano .I remember taking Vlado Perlemuter ,Annie Fischer and Shura Cherkassky there and hearing from the delightful Mr Wird (of Swiss origin as were nearly all the Hotel owners) about Serkin calling the doctor because he needed someone to talk to and calm him down. They played a wonderful Beethoven Waldstein from the Seattle recital.
And spoke about the Queen Elizabeth Competition in 1938 when Gilels won first prize, Moura Lympany second and Michelangeli seventh. I remember Moura telling me that Michelangeli practised so much that he completely blocked and could not play. Gilels used to play dance music for them all. And she learnt years later from Rospropovich that Yacob Flier who she was very keen on at the time was keen on her too and she never knew! I remember his last recital in Rome shortly before he died …….. the artistic director of S Cecilia being surprised at the liberty and freedom of Gilels ……..he just threw himself into the Schumann op13 and Brahms Paganini like a man possessed…to hell with the right notes ………..absolutely unforgettable . The grand manner as perhaps only Arrau could approach. It was the last time I heard him. He recorded the Mozart Double with his daughter……..she entered the Leeds Competition many years ago ….of course Emil was unique she was not. Gilels plays the Prelude in B minor (Bach / Siloti) Emil Gilels plays the Prelude in B minor (Bach / Siloti) From the recital at the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory I didn’t find this on youtube so I dec… YOUTUBE.COM


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