His Mather’s Voice

A Beethoven evening of great music making with Yume Fujise,Jamal Aliyev,Hugh Mather The Sonatas for Piano and violin op 12 n.3 and Piano and cello op.102 n.1 and the “Archduke” Trio op.97 And in fact as Beethoven wrote of the sonatas the piano part is of such importance,an equal partner and our master of ceremonies was very much an equal of the two superlative young musicians who were at his side tonight.
Not only did Dott.Mather integrate totally with his partners- never overpowering but also having voice of his own when given front stage by Beethoven. Always a beautiful non percussive sound from this not easy piano that we have heard under the hands of so many superlative but not alway sensitive players. A real singing sound totally integrated and at the service of the whole. In fact in Hugh’s hands it all sounded so natural and inevitable and it was this joy of making music together that was so enjoyable for us eavesdropping tonight. Yume Fujise a very fine violinist in the early E flat sonata .Playing with all the youthful energy that Beethoven asks for .Perfect intonation and very full sound when needed but also a very attentive musician glad to share the stage with our ever generous host.
The moment that Jamal opened the penultimate of Beethoven’s cello sonatas one knew that we were in the presence of a master . As Maude Tortelier once asked me if I knew what ” peso” or “weight” signified in cello playing .Yes I certainly do and Jamal had exactly that authority that immediately caught the audience’s attention.The” Beethoven sound” one might say .
The “Archduke” trio that followed after a short interval showed us all the things that Jamal had described to me about his pleasure of making music with Hugh Mather. Gone are the usual tensions of playing high profile concerts and one is just absorbed in making music amongst friends.
Friends of course they are but also all three highly professional musicians . The Doctor playing all three works hardly even glancing at the score. For these master works are indelibly engraved into the heart and soul of this retired Physician who now has time to selflessly indulge in his lifelong passion for music never forgetting to help others as indeed decrees his doctors oath.


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