Holding the baby at St Barnabas

Baby call at St Barnabas The Cashell,Sloane,Watterton Trio
Some really fine music making in Ealing today with the trio of Anna Cashell,violin,Hannah Sloane,cello,Simon Watterton,piano. One work on this lunchtime programme in St Barnabas in Ealing : the Brahms B major Trio op 8
I noticed a few months back how remarkable the Brahms F Minor Sonata was at the Wigmore Hall played by Louis Lortie on a wonderful Bosendorfer piano. How unusual it was not to find the usual Steinway or Fazioli but here the Bosendorfer with its generously rich sonorous bass and meltingly beautiful treble let us hear the Brahms Sonata in all its grandeur mixed with moonlight seduction as probably Brahms may have envisaged it.
And so it was a pleasant surprise to see the Bosendorfer Grand in place with its jaws wide open waiting to devour the Brahms Trio. Our master of ceremonies the indefatigable Hugh Mather was worried that Simon might devour his two beautiful partners which could have well led to strained relations afterwards at home for Anna Cashell is in life Mrs Simon Watterton and it was in fact Hugh who was also left holding their little baby .
Hugh need not have worried because Simon knows how to drive this dangerous instrument and I do not think it was out of fear as you could see him listening intently to the balance as were his partners.Listening to each other scrupulously but with passion . In fact the most noticeable thing was that you did not notice the piano at all, so integrated was it into the whole .
What fine musicians they are each one generously supporting,goading,encouraging and, yes, seducing the other.Aiding and abetting I believe a policeman would call it .
Also the other noticeable thing was how each member of the trio was living each note and looking intently at each other. It was most noticeable how Hannah Stone was really living each moment of the music and with a glance sharing her thoughts with the others. She need not have worried because Anna played at some moments with such passionate involvement that one would not have thought this little Irish lass capable of such evil thoughts! Simon produced some remarkable sonorities that literally melted into the magical air of perfumed sounds that were being born in that moment.( Isn’t there a Debussy Prelude with a similar title?)
Such was also the spontaneity that the audience of some very distinguished musicians were held spellbound . Nina Walker the nonagerian pianist,accompanist to the famous for years and founder member of Nimbus .Also present Audrey Ellison ex chairman of the Chopin and Liszt Societies in London
We all would have loved an encore but Hugh who was unaware that there might be a possibility cut short this memorable concert his only thought,quite rightly was to get back to his baby sitting duties as you can see.


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