Canan Maxton at Asia House

Canan Maxton at Asia House
Final concerts today in Asia House for the Music Futures Festival organised by the indomitable Canan Maxton of Talent Unlimited. How many young artists owe a great debt to this generous Turkish promoter of the arts,whose only aim is to support great young talent in those difficult first steps into the professional world.
Once a year she holds a three day festival to augment and publicise her enormous all year round activity. It was only a few days ago that I was invited to her beautiful home in Regents Park to hear the programme of one of her young artists before he flew off to compete in an International Piano Competition in Monza……he is already through to the second round and we have our fingers crossed that he will proceed to the final.Unfortunately this circus act is a very difficult hurdle for truly great talent.And it is thanks to Canan for her support and encouragement that give a base for these young artists in this ever changing world in which they have to compete.
Beautiful lunchtime concert today with two magnificent singers,complimenting each other in the diversity of repertoire,and finally a very fine clarinet duo. First a lieder singer Waimay Yau with Joyce Chiao Yu Wu her partner(for she was just that)at the piano. A great pleasure to hear these songs of Wolf and Liszt sung with such intelligence and perfect diction.I have not heard Liszt`s “Die Drei Zigeuner” since Schwarzkopf`s unforgettable performances with the urbane ,perfect partner in Geoffrey Parsons. This too,today was a splendid partnership with the pianist very much an equal partner especially in the intricate Wolf Lieder.
Canan almost ruined the next singers entry for Musetta`s Waltz from La Boheme. Like all true divas the announced Vocalise by Rachmaninoff/Volodos for piano solo was swiftly substituted by an aria from La Nozze di Figaro. But what a voice from this exceptional young soprano with the same quality of voice as Rita Streich and in the Lehar” Meine Lippen sie kussen so heiss” there was the same seductive charm of that much missed singer. The singers’ fine orchestra was Yoko Misumi and their perfect ensemble in “O mio babbino caro” brought the house down.
Hard to believe that the perfect duo of Ozlem Celik and Lysianne Chen was a last minute substitute such was their ensemble in Poulenc’s evergreen Sonata that they were beseeched to offer an encore to this large and discerning audience.

There was even a swallow at the window looking in to see who was producing the enchanting sounds that were keeping us all so enthralled.

The opening concert was a completely different thing.
In a much larger space to accommodate the numerous fans who flocked to the concert .
A real “star”performer in AyseDenizGokcin a pianist in the style of Giovanni Aleevi who with their Lisztian funambalistics can fill even the largest of halls.
Anyone who has been trained as I with some of the finest musicians of our time find it is very hard to understand and enjoy this seemingly very simplistic way of making music, but it is much appreciated by the masses that have not had this sort of  musical education.
They flock to the concerts and find real enjoyment and enthusiasm in these concerts as was shown on the faces of the audience of the sold out performance the other night .
I am ,in fact ,very envious but ” you cannot teach an old dog new tricks” as they say ,and so I will just have to leave this sort of entertainment to others.
Hats off to Canan Maxton,though, for allowing her public into this new territory.
A real cross-over but it is just not for me .It is too late!

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  1. Thank you Mr. Axworthy for your kind words about our concert with Lysianne Chen at Asia House on September 29th.
    It means so much to us..

    "Mi piace"


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