Othello’s Guilt at the Rose Playhouse

Othellos’s Guilt at the Rose Playhouse
Che nostalgia sentire Marco Gambino al storico Rose Playhouse a Londra nel monologo “OTHELLO`S GUILT” da Shakespeare nel adattamento di Roberto Cavosi …..e ora da tornare a casa! Wonderful to be able to appreciate Marco Gambino`s performance of Roberto Cavosi`s “Othello`s Guilt” on the very foundations of the historic theatre where many of Shakespeare’s plays first saw the light of day.
It was here a few years ago that I was introduced to this very suggestive space by the stage director Terry d’Alfonso directing her adaptation of The Tempest. In fact so many friends and ghosts from my theatre in Rome.Roberto Cavosi introduced to me by Richard Berkeley almost thirty years ago when we were all passionately committed to the arts and all uniting around my theatre in Rome that was a hive of activity not only for the famous but also for those that had something to say and just needed a space where to express themselves.We were young and passionately commited …nothing has changed! Roberto Cavosi even then a writer of great promise now fully realised over the years has become a highly esteemed playwright and radio broadcaster.
Our dear friend Terry d`Alfonso passed awayso unexpectedly, only a few months ago and this very season the preview in London of her film about Picasso was much appreciated.
Richard Berkeley now lives in Warsaw where he directs a Orchestra along the lines of the South Bank Sinfonia giving young musicians a chance to play in a fine ensemble together .
So back to Marco Gambino who has also played in my theatre in Rome but here in London on Shakespeare`s original site there was magic in the air for this justly sold out performance.
A tour de force with just him on stage for an hour with this project that was worked out with Roberto over a five year period. Very interesting talk ,in english ,at the end between actor and his pubic loath to leave this magical space . Must finish on Saturday so not much time to beg a precious seat for one of these last performances.


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