A personal consideration …..to Canan Maxton of Talent Unlimited

I read your remark about the piece I wrote about Destounis.
Many thanks for your offer to use your wonderful piano.
I just aim to give these very talented”kids” my opinion.

I have been going to as many concerts as possible since I was a schoolboy almost 60 years ago- can it really be !

I have had the privilege to study with some of the greatest ormai storici musicians in my student years  starting with my real piano ” daddy” Sidney Harrison and continuing with Freddie Jackson,Gordon Green,Vlado Perlemuter and Guido Agosti .I have also been much influenced by Nadia Boulanger,Andre Tchaikowsky and Graham Johnson too.

I  have  also got to know some remarkable artists having invited many to play in my theatre in  Rome over the past 30 years or more: Perlemuter,Cherkassky,Tureck,Nikolaeva,Annie Fischer,DeLarrocha ,Fou Ts’ong,Lympany,Katin,Foldes,Freire,Fialkowska etc ,some amazingly for the first time.

The Ghione theatre just by St Peter’s Square built and run by me and  my remarkable actress wife Ileana Ghione for over thirty years .

Like Rubinstein suggested to the contestants in his first piano competition in Israel I have acquired my own taste, like bees choosing   their own pollen and creating their own individual honey.
There is no magic wand but just hope I can point in what I consider the right direction or at least another one.
There is no secret path but as Curzon would say the road to a successful performance is 90%work and 10% talent…….
…………of course that 10% -is what sorts out the men from the boys.
How they do it is of almost no importance to me.
The most important thing is to listen and love what you do because to “passare la ribalta” in the end requires total dedication.
Today a real treat Pappano’s Norma at Covent Garden on their splendid Friday Rush tickets.
He is our honorary patron at the  The Keyboard Charitable Trust of which  I am honoured to be a small  a cog in the wonderful wheel created by Noretta Conci for her 60th birthday ,26 years ago by her equally remarkable husband.
I met her when she and her husband  accompanied  Leslie Howard to play in my theatre 32 years ago. Leslie is  a founder member  and an artistic director .Elena Vorotko and I complete the artistic triumvirate.
Pappano   exemplifies all that I outlined above
Fine della conversazione in chat
Digita un messaggio… had received a very complimentary comment that suggested I might like to show a young pianist Destounis the way.This was my reply:


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