The genius of Trifonov

Trifonovs own goal ……….Trifonov with Thielemann and the Staatskapelle Dresden
Wonderfully interesting talk before the Prom about the Dresden Staatskapelle – not to be confused with the Berlin Staatskapelle that we have heard under Barenboim in the last two days.
Founded in 1558 it must be one of the longest established orchestras in the world.
Great links with Wagner but above all Richard Strauss.Rudolf Kempe was oboist in the orchestra before becoming a world renowned conductor.Colin Davis had a very special rapport with the orchestra and in particular with the people of Dresden.
And so it was to an orchestra bathed in tradition that Daniil Trifonov ,renowned for his virtuoso performances of the Romantic and Russian repertoire,turned for his first venture into the hallowed classical repertoire.Presenting Mozart K 467 “Elvira Madigan”concerto that from the first note revealed himself as a born Mozart player. Such wonderful singing sound as we have only heard recently from Menahem Pressler or Graham Johnson almost nearing the even more mellow and near perfect sound of Curzon. A sound that was transmitted to the gallery,where I was tonight,which is rightly called “paradiso” in the Teatro Colon in Argentina .
From the very opening the Dresden made clear their credentials with a wonderful string sound and sense of style and shaping of almost chamber music proportions. Such was their innate musicality, bathed in centuries of tradition, guided by the finest conductors of the age .And now under the superb Bochum like musicianship of Thielemann.
Difficult to follow an introduction as we heard tonight but Trifonov matched it and drew us even more into Mozart’s innermost thoughts with his superb cantabile and sense of colour ,poise and phrasing . Unfortunately he got in a tangle towards the end of the first movement and understandably lost his total domination of the audiences’ attention that he had conquered from his very first entry. He never really regained that poise although there were many things to admire. His cadenzas were obviously from his own genius and for that totally outlandish,fascinating and out of style. Just as Schnabel had been all those years ago. Genius cannot be contained within the confines of what we expect – for Trifonov is a genius a one in a million . On this occasion he missed the goal but what a match was had.
Next time I am sure we will hear the great Mozart player that he obviously will become.A rather obscure encore  from Prokofiev Cinderella Suite that did not pamper to the usual gladiator tactics of the virtuoso performer.He was just anxious to share with us his musical thoughts.
I actually preferred the warmth and romantic fervour of Barenboims 4th and 6th Bruckner Symphonies heard earlier this week But Thielemann’s 3rd of course showed off the magnificent sound of his orchestra .His superb musicianship showed us the structure and guided us through the difficult Bruckner waters. I missed the passion and subtle phrasing that Barenboim had found with the Berlin Staatskapelle but that of course in a question of taste.
There can be no doubt that in these days we have heard the best of the great German Orchestras with the Berlin Philharmonic followed by the Staatskapelle of Berlin and Dresden …………….London and the Proms is really the place to be for music lovers during the summer months .How lucky we are and the millions throughout the planet that can tune in so easily to the nightly BBC live relay. +11


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