Dinara Klinton and the Virgin St Mary

Dinara Klinton* opening the new series by the indefaticable Hugh Mather in the beautiful church of St Mary the Virgin in the middle of Ealing Golf course.
A series of 19 concerts in which one can hear most of the best young pianists around.
Every Tuesday at 2pm until 26th July and then from 6th September.
Amazingly free entrance with retiring collection.

In Chronological order:Salimdjanova,Fripp,Viner* in July .
And from 6th September :Rajeshkumar,Mei Yi Foo*,Schoeman,Fisher,Ritivoiu*,Mitrea,Mengyang Pan,Ullman*,Lapshin,Kondratiev*,Haftman,Okros,Pablo Rossi*,Uttley,Jianing Kong.*

What a line up I certainly recommend turning up early although such is the infectious and informed enthusiasm of our host I am sure no one will ever be turned away.

This friday at nearby St Barnabas another great pianist Evgeny Genchev* at 1pm .

What a season and is says much of Dott Mathers discerning musicianship,and rare capacity to select and help the very best young pianists, that they all flock to play in his remarkable series

Could not miss the very first concert with Dinara Klinton a student of Elisso Virsaladze( who is playing and giving masterclasses in the festival(Pontine Festival)) founded in the 60’s by Menuhin and Szigeti in Sermoneta just above the famous gardens of Ninfa and a stones throw from my home in Italy where I will arrive later today).

Having heard someone playing very beautifully the Harmonies du Soir on Radio 3 two mornings ago whilst in Perlemuter’s house in Oxford , I was not surprised, but extremely pleased to know it was from Dinara Klinton’s new recording of the Liszt Transcendental Studies that was so well received on the Classical Record Review a month ago.

Opening this afternoon with the so called ” Moonlight ” sonata one was immediately struck by the beauty of her tone even on a piano that was not so responsive as the wonderful Bosendorfer in Hugh Mathers other hall in St Barnabas .
I found the Scherzo a bit too frivolous after such a profound opening .But in Dinaras hands the Presto con Fuoco of the last movement was just that .Some very aristocratic control of tempi especially in the final outburst before the coda.

Chopin could not be missed out in the first of a series dedicated to the piano and Dinara offered some very poetic performances of the G major Nocturne op15 and the Trois Nouvelles Etudes that Chopin wrote for Fetis’s treatise on piano .
Never can two against three or three against two or even staccato combined with legato have sounded more like pure poetry in Chopin’s hands than the dry piano lesson that perhaps Fetis had envisaged .
Beautifully performed by this artists who has no trouble either with the monstrous technical difficulties of the studies op 10 and 25 .

The polonaise op 40 n.2 perhaps the most regal and aristocratic of them all was give a noble performance but one was always left thinking how wondrous it might have been on Dott Mathers magnificent Bosendorfer in the church just around the corner.

However to finish this short hour long programme Dinara pulled out all the stops in Rosenblatt’s fiendishly difficult Variations on a theme of Paganini.
And as if to sugar the pill afterwards of this rather outlandish piece Dinara offered ,after great insistence, the little Valse Oublie’ by Liszt .
Played with all the style and subtle colouring that have made this young artist  already a highly esteemed specialist in the Romantic repertoire.

Hats off again to Dott Mather for inventing yet another series for his loyal public, that never abandon him on his various and numerous musical journeys.

And we must all thank Dott Mather for giving such opportunities to so many young amazingly gifted artists who just crave for a discerning public to share their wares with .

 *Keyboard Charitable Trust Artists
foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.


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