The Loves of Picasso- written and directed by Terry d’Alfonso

The triumph of Picassos Loves in London today.
The first screening of Terry d’Alfonso’s disturbingly beautiful film about Picasso the man and his relationship with his loves and his work.

Remarkable performance by Peter Tate who one believes in immediately so complete is his immersion in the part under Terry d’Alfonso‘s extraordinary direction that he held the packed audience under his spell for the twenty eight extraordinarily intense minutes .

Superb performances also from Milena Vukotic and Margot Sikabonyi.Filmed mainly on Capri it was the result of a long study of Picasso the man by the director ,instigated by her directing a play many years ago  from the lovers point of view.

She realised that an in depth study of the man Picasso and his disturbing relationship with the many women in his life and the relationship they had on him and his work was a much more interesting point of view.

Seen already in New York and Berlin this was to have been the directors chance to present her film personally in London too.

A very sad task then for Peter Tate to have to tell the enthusiastic audience  at the end of the screening that Terry D’Alfonso had fainted on Capri only three weeks ago , whilst in discussion with future producers .
Flown to Naples in 9 minutes by helicopter and two days later to her doctors in Lugano she never regained consciousness and infact was allowed to die peacefully yesterday only one day before todays screening.

Her funeral will be in Lugano on Wednesday .It is where she lived and worked for the Italian Swiss Television for many years ,also helping the great Italian director Giorgio Strehler to mount many of his most famous productions in Milan at his famous Piccolo Teatro.

Milena Vukotic too worked for many years with that other great director Fellini and after today’s screening I think there can be no doubt of the link between Terry D’Alfonso and the great tradition of Italian directors from Visconti,Strehler,Zeffirelli to Fellini .

No doubt that this intense study of Picasso will be shown in many corners of the world and am sure that Milena Vukotic and Peter Tate will allow it to grow and develop naturally into the full length stage play that Terry had in her vision of this very complex and cruel genius.
What greater legacy could a real artist leave .

foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.

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