Andre’Gallo for the Keyboard Trust

Some remarkable music making at Steinways last night from Andre Gallo.
Quite a discovery for the Keyboard Charitable Trust, and to see our founders Noretta Conci-Leech and John Leech so enthusiatic was a rare sight indeed.
A packed out hall that included a very enthusiastic Bryce Morrison for this 26 year old Italian pianist.
A family of musicians all brass or wind players in major orchestras.Andre the only pianist something of a child prodigy taken under the wing, at a very early age ,of Franco Scala and Lazar Berman.
Performing all the Chopin studies at La Scala at  16 he has a maturity beyond his years.

From the very first notes ,watching the beauty of his remarkable handsand the absolute assurance of what he wanted to say was very rare indeed .
Refusing to join the circus mentality of the International Piano Circuit he revealed in a very original programme all his remarkable qualities.
A programme made up of Debussy Ballade and Arbesques,Poulenc Novellette and Improvisations,Satie Gnoisienne n. 1 and Je te veux,Dutilleux 7 short pieces,Scriabin 2 mazurkas
op 3,and a surprising contemporary friend and colleague from Imola by Marco di Bari( not the Nicola as attributed in the programme who in fact is the patron saint of Bari known to us as Father Christmas!).A remarkably evocative piece using only the upper register of the piano but showing a mastery of sound that was very much the school of Berio their mentor.Ending with a surprising encore by Cziffra !
We will be hearing a great deal of this young man that is for sure.

All this on a day when we learn magnificent  news of  two of the young musicians helped by the KCT .

Emanuel Rimoldi won first prize and Carnegie Hall recital in the first Manhatten International Piano Competition and Lukas Vondracek first prize at Queen Elisabeth of Belgium Competition .

Hats off to Noretta and John Leech for spotting and being ready  to make the journey a little easier for  these remarkable young musicians  to reach their goal.

foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.



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