Richard Goode at the Festival Hall

Some very serious music making from Richard Goode at the Festival Hall tonight in Schubert’s last three sonatas.
Playing from the score did not detract from his innate musicianship for it is not for excitement and public participation that Richard Goode has built up a following amongst discerning admirers.
In fact we had the impression that we were evesdropping on a recording session and that our presence was really superfluous.
Some exquisite sounds and control. Even in the most tumultuous parts there was always the utmost control and an overall sense of a perfect balance.
The most moving performance was saved for the last sonata where there was an overall sheen to the sound and some real rapport was created between the artist and the public.
A very fine artist but seemingly more attuned to the private confines of a recording studio than the vast space of the Festival Hall.
It is no surprise that he together with Mitsuko Uchida have been responsable for one of the major chamber music venues inherited from Serkin in Marleboro.Of completely different temperaments
we are in the realms of a select few where public performance comes second to the absolute faithfulness to the composers wishes.This in turn can lead to performances where the magic between performer and public is not of paramount importance as was felt this evening at his very fine recital that in one sense failed to ignite Schubert’s last sublime utterings.

foto di Christopher Axworthy.


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