Beethoven the Emperor

A four hour concert at the end of an intensive three days with that master musician Peter Frankl.

Beethoven Chamber Music Masterclass with some real master musicians all British trained for the BPSE,PTS and EPTA under the eagle eye of Alberto Portugheis and Julian Jacobson.

Peter recently celebrated his 80th birthday at Yale where he has been a much cherished mentor of so many distinguished students.Not many people realise,though, that he is actually based in London because we never get a chance to hear him in London any more these days .He is in fact playing all over the world but his adopted city has sadly and unbelievably neglected him .

It is thanks to Alberto Portugheis (about to share his 75th birthday concert with his old friend Martha Argerich at the Wigmore Hall on the 12th December)who was able to convince Peter to catch the bus down to Steinway Hall to share his invaluable experience and musical insight with some extraordinarily talented young musicians.

Four hours of absolute bliss- well almost- in the company of Beethoven in the hands of some remarkable young musical personalities.
An extraordinary young violinist from Guildhall (student of David Takano)Jonel Manciu in the Kreutzer Sonata .As Peter said at the end that although this was a chamber music prize concert such a strong important presence must be recognised with a very special mention .
Of course the finest duo playing of the evening was in fact the last to play Amarins Wierdsma and Edward Liddall both from the Guildhall ( in fact it is not a coincidence that Amarins is in the Barbican Quartet with Jonel Manciu and both students of David Takano).
Demonstrating real duo work in which intense listening to each other and also great physical participation was paramount, like two birds swooping in on each other .It led inevitably to a totally convincing performance of the Sonata for piano and violin Op.30 n.1
Some very fine trio playing with Alexander Kirk (a student of Norma Fisher at the RCM) who lent all his refined musicianship and temperament to his two very fine partners in Beethoven’s surprisingly mature op.1 n.3 Trio.
It is hard and unfair to pick out individual players from such a distinguished group but maybe Tamila Salimdjanova ( a student of Dmitri Alexeev at the RCM) could be singled out for her extraordinary sound and rythmic energy.
It was ,in fact,the ” lads” from Manchester,who had to dash off early to get their last bus home ,who swept us all off our feet with an extraordinarily exhilarating “Ghost” trio.
These three very young youths had digested the rules and regulations and barely needing to even glance at the score were so intent on playing the game, passing the ball from one to another, giving us, the lucky people  present ,an exhilarating exhibition of youthful exuberance and passionate involvement.It was a real lesson to all present on what chamber music is about – a real intense musical discourse amongst equals.
Listening intensely to each other ,not only with their ears but also their eyes and their whole bodies .It was a riveting experience where the visual and aural became one and was indeed the performance that literally swept the board .

foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.
foto di Christopher Axworthy.


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